This Abandoned Power Station in Hungary Will Amaze You



There is something quite haunting in abandoned buildings. They represent a lost time, age behind us that will never come back. This majestic power station is no exception.

Hidden in Budapest’s XI District, in the side of Buda, this station stands tall and majestic, representing an old age of hope for the future of technology in the city. It is now privately owned site in Kelenföld and dates back to 1914!



The architects who designed this plant were  Kálmán Reichl and Virgil Borbíro, which under the Hungarian law means they will never be demolished, but neither will they be restored. Although it is no longer supplying the city’s electricity, it’s used s a filming location, most recently as a steam punk power room in NBC’s Dracula TV series.

The remainings of this building will amaze you, take look in our gallery!

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