Famous Photographer Reveals Just How Much Online Images Are Photoshopped


We live in an Era of photography. Images have taken over the advantage over the worlds. Many don’t have the patience of reading through long articles, and we rely on images to communicate. And with that, we learned of taking perfect photos that capture our thoughts perfectly. With Instagram filters, various apps, we sure have distanced ourselves from the raw and original views. And with that, we also learned how hard it is to take that perfect image.

HDR Bracketing Composited Using Photoshop’s ‘Merge To HDR’. Nik Color Efex Pro Used For Post-Production

Peter Stewart is an internationally published photographer with substantial following on social media. And he made a great point in reminding us just how much that perfect image we strive for is edited even in professional hands.

“I like to approach my digital photography with a certain sense of the fantastical and the surreal,” Stewart told PetaPixel. He uses a technique called bracketed multiple exposure, which allows him to retain highlight details from different photographs before stacking them together into one picture.
“These before and after samples are simply meant to highlight what can be done with the power of Photoshop,’ says Stewart.”As such, I have deliberately provided the most dramatic examples.”

Take a look at his photos. They do speak volumes.

2x Exposures Manually Blended In Photoshop. Perspective Fixed In Cameraraw. Color Adjustments Made Using Nik Color Efex Pro

More info: Peter Stewart | 500px | Instagram | Flicker (h/t: demilked, PetaPixel)

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